Facilitating continuity in global health priorities between G7 Presidencies

Working with the Japan Centre for International Exchange (JCIE), we designed and administered a survey distributed among diverse stakeholders, including UN agencies, civil society, government and quasi-government institutions, and private sector. Results of analysis were compiled into a survey report and recommendations for the 2024 Italian G7 Presidency, and discussed at a conference held in Tokyo, Japan, on 1st December 2023.

Recommendations to the Italian G7 Presidency included:

    • increasing investments by every G7 country into push and pull incentives with public health–driven selection criteria and strong stewardship and access requirements, in particular contributing to existing global efforts such as CARB-X and GARDP, at the earliest opportunity and within reasonable and feasible timelines.
    • improving training, hiring, and retention in G7’s own territories to decrease reliance on LMIC workforce recruitment; and
    • utilizing existing regulatory fora like the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA), commission a meeting of G7, G20, and LMIC regulators to discuss how best to expedite approvals in the event of a pandemic.