Evaluation of the CaP TB Advocacy Small Grants on Paediatric TB

Under the 4-year long Unitaid-funded Catalyzing Pediatric TB Innovations (CaP TB) project, EGPAF worked with civil society and communities by providing and implementing advocacy small grants. The small grants were implemented in 10–12-month periods in eight CaP TB project countries and contributed to achieve CaP TB goals. The small grants created tangible change, including:

  1. Incorporation of systematic screening for paediatric TB in local guidelines (Cameroon)
  2. Increased media coverage on paediatric TB (Uganda and Kenya)
  3. Abolition of medical consultation fees for TB diagnosis (DRC)
  4. Increased district-level budget for paediatric TB activities (Tanzania)
  5. Community scorecards established to rate TB services (Zimbabwe)
  6. TB communities mobilised to advocate on paediatric TB, whether through paediatric TB champions (India) or through women in communities (Cameroon)
  7. Policy papers produced with clear demands from civil society, targeted at Parliamentarians and decision makers (Malawi, DRC, Kenya).